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La Salle College Preparatory

Here you will discover your path to a 21st Century American high school diploma and preparation to excellent colleges and universities.

In Pasadena, California, La Salle College Preparatory is part of a vast network of schools extending worldwide, covering 81 countries. Our system includes 65 universities and colleges and 92 schools.

La Salle College Preparatory offers a unique high school experience supporting you and your specific needs while blending your talents and intelligence with our inclusive and accepting student body. We are proud to be part of this evolving Lasallian Educational Network of schools, are globally-minded, and are open and respectful of all faiths and cultures.

Our Mission


The Uniqueness Of Each Student’s Spiritual, Intellectual, Physical, And Artistic Potential Is Recognized And Promoted.


Motivated By A Spirit Of Faith And Zeal, Our Students Are Informed By And Made Responsible For The World In Which They Live.


Students Are Challenged To Demonstrate Respect And Appreciation For People Of Different Talents, Cultures, Religions, Genders, And Economic Backgrounds.


Our Core Principles unite us with a global network of Lasallian Schools and you!


We celebrate our inclusive, co-educational and diverse environment because it prepares our students for an increasingly global culture and economic landscape.


Our high-caliber academic program challenges our students in the classroom and our broad offering of co-curricular programs empower and enable our students to discover their path to excellence.


Our diverse student-body fosters acceptance of all persons and enables spaces in which differing and opposing points of view can be shared and heard. We do not tolerate prejudice, bigotry or discrimination, because it has no place in the world.


We place a strong emphasis on service, through classes and opportunities to serve in our community and around the world. We do this to instill in our students a sense of responsibility; that their impact in addressing social challenges is needed and can be felt beyond our walls.


We are proud of the service, love and care that our Catholic faith and heritage unlocks in our community. We educate our students about the importance of faiths around the world and how faith is central to shaping values.

Discover Your Future

La Salle College Preparatory is where you can discover your future and prepare you for some of America’s, and especially California’s, most significant colleges and universities. In addition to our regular award-winning curriculum, we offer 21 AP courses and 14 honors courses.

Our teachers and counselors understand your unique needs and will support you in every way. You will be exposed to academic challenges in classes by teachers who care about you as individuals and want you to succeed. Our classrooms are student-centered, where you will be encouraged to develop creative and critical thinking skills and be an independent thinker.

and Service

La Salle offers an expansive field of clubs, sports, and service opportunities wherever your passion lies. These specialized programs support your diverse interests, helping you become the extraordinary person you are both on and off-campus. You will have the ability to be creative and discover what interests you. Whether its award-winning visual and performing arts and media programs, honor and service societies, student clubs, or championship-caliber athletic teams, you will have unlimited unique and valuable opportunities to learn, serve, and lead.

Global Education and Global Citizens

At La Salle College Preparatory, you will indeed be a global citizen who is aware of and understands the full world – and your place in it. You will have opportunities to take an active role in our community and work with others to make our planet more equal, fair, and sustainable. Our dedicated teachers and staff will encourage you to develop your knowledge, skills, and values to engage with the world to make a difference.

Global education at La Salle is an essential part of our Lasallian educational mission. Your contributions to our school will collectively empower our student body to be the world’s next generation of leaders by providing curious and capable students with opportunities that encourage growth, exploration, discovery, and excellence.

A Unique High
School Experience

Not all American High Schools are equal. You will find out very quickly why La Salle College Preparatory is the choice of many international students. La Salle College Preparatory is a vibrant place where you will be deeply engaged in learning, academic challenge, and mentoring and support helping you reach your potential. Our school provides a sincere and warm environment populated by a diverse group of scholars and dedicated teachers who model personalized learning, challenging curriculum, and assessment measures to develop the very nature of your character.

Innovative Facilities and Technology 

Our innovative and Design Laboratories enables our students to work with 3D printers, laser cutters, and GPS technology. State of the art science and art laboratories will compare or even challenge some college facilities’ quality.

Beautiful weather and clean air allow you to study, learn, and relax outdoors as well. On most days, you will be able to feel the splendor of clean and comfortable indoor and outdoor learning spaces and have the opportunity to learn with your teachers and friends.

Life in the Golden State and Pasadena Area

Pasadena is a city with a population of 141,246, one of the best places to live in California. Living in Pasadena offers students an urban and suburban mix. In Pasadena, there are a lot of restaurants, coffee shops, and parks. Many young professionals live in Pasadena due to the many innovative learning institutions in the area.

In recent Niche ratings, Pasadena was rated one of the healthiest cities in America to live in and one of the most diverse cities in America. It’s a safe city as well, way below national crime rates.

The city of Pasadena is approximately 11 miles (18 km) northeast of Los Angeles and away from the “hustle and bustle” of one of the world’s largest cities. Pasadena is known for its world-class events, science and technology, arts and culture, history, and architecture with great neighborhoods and opportunities.

There are many parks, hiking trails, swimming pools, and community exercise developments. Pasadena is a highly desirable living in a work community and a beautiful place to learn, live, work, and play.

Academic Excellence

Top 10% of the class of 2020.

  • 718

    Mean SAT EBRW (Evidence-based Reading and Writing)

  • 722

    Mean SAT Math

  • 32

    Mean ACT

We offer a comprehensive program that supports your three domains of counseling: academic, college and career, and social-emotional. Click here to check out our full Course Catalog.

In the past five years, over 98% entered college upon graduation with 89% attending four-year universities and 33% going out of state.

Providing You With Excellent Academic Counseling

Four Year Universities.

  • 14.4%
    University of California
  • 18.9%
    California State University
  • 22.6%
    In-State Private
  • 33%
  • .8%
    Foreign or Service Academies

Other Specialty and Niche Colleges

Global Concierge Benefits

La Salle College Preparatory is authorized under Federal law to enroll nonimmigrant students and issue Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) Form I-20 to qualified students wishing to study in the United States under an F-1 VISA. International students must comply with all federal regulations before an I-20 can be issued. Such requirements include, but are not limited to: demonstration of English proficiency, proof of financial resources, and meet all the admission requirements for La Salle College Preparatory.

La Salle College Preparatory understands the challenges of different school cultures. We recognize that every international student has individual talents and education aspirations. Our goal is to support you in every way throughout your high school career and prepare you for your eventual admission to the college of your choice.

The La Salle Concierge Program gives you a personal Mandarin-speaking advocate, supporting you in every way. You will receive step by step assistance with all aspects of your life at school. You will have private meetings each semester to review academic and personal progress, resolve any issues that may arise, and get advice regarding cultural differences.

You will receive:

Foreign Student Application Support. An online application is available for you to apply. Once you apply and are approved to be qualified, we will help you work toward acceptance and enrollment. Once recommendations, transcripts, and English proficiency is approved, La Salle College Preparatory will issue an I-20 form.

Private Academic Guidance Counseling supporting you with scheduling courses, understanding assignments, improving grades, and managing homework. You will receive assistance with participation in school clubs, sports, and other co-curricular programs.

College Preparation Advisor to help you with college applications, writing for college admission, interview skills, testing protocols and strategies, interview preparation, and all other steps leading to college acceptance. Assistance and review of college applications before submitting them. Guidance on the best letters of recommendation and options for preparing.

Job shadowing, career exploration, and community service opportunities are also available should time be possible in your schedule.

Advising you on the best ways to make use of school breaks and summer vacation.

Home Stay Management to assure your safety, happiness, and productivity. Learn more about our Homestay Program.

La Salle College Preparatory’s Global Concierge Program is a great solution for you and your family to ensure communication is clear, cultural understanding is supported, and academic progress made!

A Day in the Life at La Salle

  • Student class daily schedule

  • Weekly lunchtime activities are sponsored by Student Life and allow students to engage in the Lasallian Spirit

  • Student Life at La Salle invites every student to live out the school’s Lasallian spirit by providing opportunities to grow in one’s Faith, engage in-service experiences, and take an active role in the school’s community life.

  • Students reach out to the poor and marginalized through service opportunities and immersion trips. We utilize each student’s talents through leadership roles in areas such as the Student Life Council, class councils, clubs, retreats, and liturgies.

  • Athletic Events

  • Visual and Performing Arts Events.

How to Apply

  1. Submit an Admissions Inquiry and Schedule a Virtual Visit to Campus

    The inquiry helps our Admissions Officers learn more about you, schedule visits, and reach out regarding other fun and exciting opportunities at La Salle.

  2. Submit your Application

    All prospective students are required to fill out an Application for Admission for the next school year. Applications for the 2021 – 2022 school year are now available. There is a $100 non-refundable application fee due at the time of submission for all applications. Click here to begin your application. 

  3. Provide your English Proficiency Test Scores (e.g. TOEFL, TOEFL Junior, Duolingo, etc.)
  4. Request Transcripts and Letters of Recommendation from Your School

    Transcripts and recommendations must be approved by the Director of Global Programs prior to final admission approval. Click here to submit your Transcripts and Letters of Recommendation.

  5. Schedule your Student/Parent Interviews

    Round 1: Our Admissions Officers will email you to schedule an initial interview, once we receive your application and English proficiency test scores.

    Round 2: Once you pass the first-round interview, our Director of Global Programs will reach out to schedule a second-round interview with you. We require all international students and parent(s)/guardian(s) to interview with the Director of Global Education as part of the application process.


Please to access the portal for Letters of Recommendation. Once on the page, use the same login as you use for your application. Transfer applicants should submit Letters of Recommendation from a faculty member at their current school instead of using the link above. Please have the faculty member send the Letter of Recommendation via email to the Admissions Committee at

MJ Mao

Director of Global Programs
Cell: 626-710-7233

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